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Tips for Home Sellers

Maximize Your Potential and Get Every Cent Out of Your Home

If you're considering selling your home, you'll need to know how to get the most money out of the process. You can enjoy additional profits through an increased selling price if you make the right improvements to your home and know the key elements to address during the process. Most changes are simple, easy and affordable – they also provide a tremendous return on your effort and expense! The changes you make to your home are designed to enhance the way a potential buyer will feel about your home. It's about enhancing the intrinsic qualities of your home and your property. Simple, affordable improvements can evoke a tremendous emotional response in a potential buyer. In addition, the process is about allaying unspoken concerns and fears by changing the way your home is seen. The entire purpose of "staging" your home is to evoke a desirable emotional response in your buyer – you want them to WANT to buy your home. You want to increase their desire by highlighting all the positive things and addressing anything that might be viewed as negative about the home. If you stage your home properly, you'll be able to sell it much faster and get more money, as well. Here are a few tips to help you stage that home and increase your profit:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When used correctly, the humble mirror can have tremendous benefits for the appearance of your home. Mirrors do more than add a touch of class – they give your home extra dimension and a feeling of greater space. They can even help brighten up a room. However, it is easy to overdo the use of mirrors, so take care when placing them. Check out yard sales and flea markets for old mirrors that can be cleaned up for a low price.

It's All About the Space – Closet Space!

Few things are less appealing to potential buyers than limited closet space in a home. If your home will be shown while you are occupying it (and your stuff is occupying the closets), invest in a closet organizer to neaten up that clutter. Organizing the stuff in your closet helps you maximize the space and helps present an image of greater space. You can also pack up any extraneous stuff that you don't need right now and get prepared for your move. With a bit of effort, any concerns about too little closet space can be eliminated.

A Bit of Window Washing

Both the interior and the exterior appearance of your home can be destroyed by dirty windows. An attractive home can be viewed as hideous with a coating of grime on the windows. Make use of a good professional cleaning service to wash the interior and exterior of your windows and ensure that they're spotless. You'll be more than happy with the results of this minor investment.

Continue the Cleansing!

If you've got gunk in your grout and dust bunnies lurking under the beds and couches, ready to pounce on unsuspecting buyers, it's more than time to clean that house up. If your home is dirty, you can expect to get far less money for it in a sale. You can also expect potential buyers to lose interest quickly. Clean everything possible, from the kitchen floors and counters to the windowsills collecting dust. Don't forget to clean the light fixtures – those dead bugs don't add anything to the value of your home.

Carpet Replacement or Simple Cleaning?

Cleaning your carpets is an important part of prepping your home. If your carpets are dirty, you should have a professional service take care of cleaning them. However, if your carpets suffer from an enormous amount of wear and tear, replacing them might be the best thing you can do for your home and your wallet. Adding new carpet can increase the selling price of your home by thousands of dollars, far more than the cost of installation. Remember, stained, worn carpet will catch a potential buyer's eye long before the clean lines and sparkling windows will.

Bring In the Power of Nature

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel with attractive plants and flowers around? This applies to indoor and outdoor situations. Flowers and attractive plants have an enormous effect on people – it's an inherent reaction. Indoor plants are an affordable way to add stunning natural beauty to your home, especially when they're planted in the right containers. Don't forget, this is an investment that will carry over, since you can take the plants with you to your new home and enjoy their beauty there.

Become the Handyman!

Chances are good that there are more than a few things around your home that need repairs. Whether you choose to belt on that tool belt and get to work on your own, or you choose to hire professional help, it is essential that you make these needed repairs. Repair cracked paint, replace those burned-out lights and oil creaky hinges. If you have larger projects, it pays to have a professional take care of them – you'll enjoy a higher selling price and you will give potential buyers peace of mind about the maintenance level of your home.

The Power of Smell (for Good and Ill)

While the human sense of smell is no match for man's best friend's nose, it still plays a dramatic role in many aspects of life. Smell can trigger memories, emotions and evoke very different responses, depending on what the smell is. If your home is a haven of fresh scents and baking cookies, you're on the right track. However, if you've got some funky odors in your home, you've got trouble. Clean the home first and foremost. This will help eliminate most of the odors that are assaulting your nostrils. Make sure you clean thoroughly, in all the little cracks and crevices. Leave nothing that has not felt the power of your sponge and cleanser!

If you have pets, you'll need to take special precautions – keep Fido clean and groomed and make sure that the litter box has fresh kitty litter in it (you can buy special deodorizing litter for this). It should also go without saying – if you are a smoker and you smoke in the home, get your butts outside! The smell of smoke (this includes cigarettes, cigars and pipes) is one of the most powerful detractors to the value of your home. No one wants a house that smells like a stale ashtray. If you smoke within your home, you'll need to do some thorough deep cleaning, including furniture, drapes, bedding and more. As a note, try not to use air fresheners and avoid heavy floral scents at all costs. Heavy, obnoxious scents can be just as much of a turnoff as bad odors.

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