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David L. Sturges
12 Harton Place Hopkinsville, KY 42240
270 498-3700

Letter To the Editor November 5, 2014

Dear Editor:

Thank goodness the election is behind us and we can reunite as a community without continued “political jabs” that divide us.

However I have two concerns:

First, in the November 5, 2014 edition (Wednesday) of the Kentucky New Era, I could not find one mention about Congressman Whitfield. Ed Whitfield has served his city, county and the 1st Congressional District with distinction for many years, not to mention what his successful “run” this year does nothing to harbor good relations with a key connection to Washington, D.C.

Second, the reported vote results in the KNE for Clay Travis, the write in candidate for Council Ward 5, indicates he only captured 114 votes within the city, vs., his opponent at 2,251. The accurate vote tally for Mr. Travis is 1,460, not 114, as reported!! In addition, He won the vote in his district, Ward 5! I consider this a remarkable showing for a “write-in candidate” who entered the race in early October.

I do hope the actual vote count is corrected for Ward 5 in a future KNE publication as well as proper recognition of one of Christian County’s key supporters in Washington, D.C., Congressman Ed Whitfield.

Yours truly,
Dave Sturges
12 Harton Place Hopkinsville, KY 42240

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