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At Hopkinsville City Site we are committted to helping people find what they're looking for! Fun things to do, new events and activities, and YOUR BUSINESS!

From the best local restaurants and activiteis to local shopping, businesses, contractors and one-of-a-kind services. We have local advertising for Crofton Hopkinsville Hopkinsville

from $125 per month

Generate instant awareness with a home page banner ad. Home page banners* are available in the following sizes:

  • $700/mo - Takeover ad
  • $250/mo - 300x600 (Half Page)
  • $200/mo - 728x90 (Leaderboard)
  • $175/mo - 300x250 (Featured Medium Rectangle)
  • $150/mo - 300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
  • $125/mo - 180x150 (Rectangle)
from $200 per month

Run of site banner ads* will rotate through all pages of the website where space is available. These banners provide the most exposure to our users and value for your money.

  • $400/mo - 300x600 (Half Page)
  • $350/mo - 728x90 (Leaderboard)
  • $350/mo - 300x250 (Featured Medium Rectangle)
  • $250/mo - 300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
  • $200/mo - 180x150 (Rectangle)
from $400 per month

Area Guides consists of a group of 26 websites (link to list of sites). Increase your exposure to the entire network by placing your ad on all pages where space is available accross the network!

  • $800/mo - 300x600 (Half Page)
  • $700/mo - 728x90 (Leaderboard)
  • $700/mo - 300x250 (Featured Medium Rectangle)
  • $500/mo - 300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
  • $400/mo - 180x150 (Rectangle)

Loved By Customers

Unobtrusive ads promoting the local companies they support... Customers love seeing their favorite local companies online!

Reaches A Local Target Audience

As small-town papers and advertising media dissapear, locally-focused, community websites are a great way to reach local viewers.

Boost SEO/SEM For Your Website

Articles, Reviews, Directory Sponsorship and Ads which feature your business and link to your website help improve your SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Ranking. Incoming links from Listings, Ads and activity coming from Hopkinsville City Site users that goes directly to your website helps boost your website's Search Engine Optimisation value with organic incoming links and inbound traffic.

Promotes Your Services

Promote new services, announce new offers! Let everyone know the different services you offer and focus on those SEO Keywords for your business.

Supports Your Community

Local authors preparing local content, what can be better than that! Support your community online by supporting your Hopkinsville City Site

Reputation Building

The more locations customers see your name and logo, the more present, established and trustworthy your business reputation becomes.

You're in Control

As an Advertiser, you can upload and change ads as needed, can pick categories and can start and stop ads at any time. This flexibility helps you plan for several short-term campaigns or long term focus.

Please call for exclusive purchase of an ad space (ad will appear with each refresh, sharing the space with no other advertiers).
CPM, or impression-based, ads are accepted. Please call for pricing and placement options.
  • *Ads will rotate with up to 2 other ads with each ad appearing 1/3 of the time.
  • ** DoubleClick ads accepted.
  • Geo-based ad placement available. Call for details.
  • All pricing stated is monthly, renewable each month unless contract is cancelled. Minimum 3 month contract.
  • A discount of 30% is applied to yearly contracts when paid in advance.
"Hyper-Local Advertsing". "Think Global - Shop Local". We love and embody all of these slogans! Let us help you plan out your local marketing efforts.
For further ad dimension, requirements and restrictions, please
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Looking to maximize your marketing efforts to your local public? You've come to the right place.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Hopkinsville City Site - Your location for reaching both the vacationing public, local residents but also store, business and property owners in the area. There are many options available for advertising your business, service, products or equipment.

If you are interested in advertising in, please review the options and checkout in our store system, or contact our advertising staff for more information. We're glad to help!