Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our features are open to the public so that you can enter information into our calendar or post discussions on our Forum etc...because of this openness we need to protect everyone from the few bad guys who will put "stuff" on our website that no one wants to see. Your registration information will go nowhere else, and in fact we only use it if something bad happens.

The easiest way to locate what you need when your on the internet is by SEARCHING...we are set up to make searching very convenient. Businesses and non profit organizations can be located 2 fast ways using the Find-A-Business A-Z Yellow Directory above and the keyword search box.

  1. You can click on Business Type "A" for Accountants
  2. Search for "Accountants" or by company name in the Search Box

You can have free advertising for your Church or Civic organization functions by entering them in the same A-Z Directory.

We offer FREE Business Listings to promote small local businesses. Enter your own small business or other businesses that will benefit website visitors. We do not allow MLM or Network Marketing businesses to have listings.

If you are interested in writing articles about something that is your passion or a hobby that might interest other in the area, feel free to contact us and we will publish your writings for all to see or see how-to direct publish articles on Hopkinsville.Com.

Hopkinsville.Com offers small businesses in the area the ability to brand themselves as the expert in their business category.  By offering the ability to publish advertorials, have custom branded emails, and custom branded domain names, Hopkinsville.Com has the ability to help your business stand out.



My Hopkinsville.Com Email offers two primary products: My Hopkinsville.Com Email and Hopkinsville.Com domain names and subdomain names which are industry specific to your business. My Hopkinsville.Com emails are identities that allow individuals and businesses to redefine, simplify and consolidate their online identities. Dot Hopkinsville.Com domains help individuals and businesses brand and position themselves online and drive SEO rankings.

Customers can input their first name and last name to see if their first name, last name, initials, or some combination of the aforementioned is available as an [Portal:PortalName] email address. Customers can also search for any phrase or keyword directly in either of the two search fields to obtain results for additional products we offer.

Currently we allow numerals but not special characters in email addresses and domains. We may allow these sometime in the future.

Hopkinsville.Com email addresses are just like any regular email account.  Your new email address can be accessed on any device or forwarded to your existing email address depending which package you choose.

Hopkinsville.Com email addresses are easy to remember, spell, advertise, and tell your friends. It is as easy as or


In order to use one of the Hopkinsville.Com domain names or subdomains available, you need to supply us with an IP address that is hosted on your server. Once we have this information, we will point the domain name or subdomain to the hosting account, and you would be able to proceed with development of the site just like with any other domain name.

This can be caused by numerous factors. Please make sure you gave us the correct forwarding email address and if the problem still persists, contact us at or call me at 270-889-7264.

POP is a protocol that allows users to download emails onto their devices and access email offline. POP provides one-way communication, so the actions you perform in Outlook (e.g. reading a message) will not update in your web client. IMAP is a protocol that allows uses to check their email on multiple devices, providing two-way communication so the actions performed on one device will appear on all devices. Essentially you will be able to synchronize your emails across all devices.

Yes, there are numerous tutorials online for how to integrate your email on the iPhone or iPad.

Yes, but you will have to check that your® (or your other company) domain name comes with an SMTP server otherwise you will not be able to respond using your Hopkinsville.Com email address. You will need to sign up for either Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail SMTP email so you can send emails with the Hopkinsville.Com Email.

Yes, we do offer webmail access depending on which plan you sign up for in the custom email section of the website.

Contact Dana Hamilton at 270-839-9384 or Ben Payne at 270-889-7264 to advertise on Hopkinsville.Com.

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Questions? Contact Hopkinsville City Site Customer Service, Dana Hamilton at 2708897264

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