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Audibel Hearing Aid Services

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Hearing loss is invisible and almost always painless. There are no physical warning signs, except in some cases there may be ringing in the ear(s). But, the real reason hearing loss "sneaks" up on you is that the change is so gradual. Hearing loss tends to be gradual. Here are some questions that may indicate that you or a loved one has a loss:Have you been told that the TV is too loud for everyone except you?Do you have difficulty following conversations in large groups or noisy places, such as restaurants or family gatherings?Do you often ask others to repeat themselves, especially young children and women?If you answered "yes" to any of these, you might have hearing loss. Robert Holland, your local Hearing Healthcare Professional, can help you decide if hearing aids are a good option for you and find the best option for your hearing loss and lifestyle.If you do have a hearing loss, you aren't alone. More than 31.5 million people in the United Stated currently suffer from varying degrees of hearing impairment. The good news is that most hearing losses can be effectively treated with digital hearing aids. The key to effective treatment is identifying hearing loss early.Come in or call us today for an evaluation to help you step on the path to better hearing today. Call 270-886-0244.We are the Largest 100% American Made and Owned Company."Our Family Helping Your Family Hear Better"

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