Scentsy Candles - Sharon Craft Chilton Director

Scentsy Candles - Sharon Craft Chilton Director

Scentsy Candles Sharon Craft Chilton

My Story My name is Sharon Craft Chilton. I am from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I am a Director with Scentsy family.

My Story My name is Sharon Craft Chilton. I am from Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  I am a Director with Scentsy family. I love spending time with family, friends, and hanging out with my son. In 2011 I made my first Scentsy purchase. I had heard all of my co-workers and friends talk about how great Scentsy products were. I wanted one of my own. A friend of mine hosted a Scentsy party and although I couldn't go, I placed an outside order. I was so excited about receiving my first warmer "Zebra" and the scents. That was all it took! I was addicted. I continued to purchase more and more because I loved the products so much and unlike candles, they didn't have that afterburn when you blow them out. I leave my warmers on 24 / 7 and everyone that comes in my house wants to go around smelling the scents I have going in each room. I never imagined selling Scentsy. I finally come to realize after about a year of buying Scentsy Products, how great this company is and that they are now global and the real deal. I had a great consultant that I talked to a lot about Scentsy. In fact, before I signed up I was hosting a party or basket order about every month with my consultant. It was her that made me realize, I could do this and it was the right thing to do. I signed up with Scentsy on July 3, 2011. Other than having my child, it has been one of the greatest times of my life. I am meeting new friends, talking with new people, sharing more times with my family and friends, and getting to share Scentsy with them. A lot of my friends have heard about Scentsy but never tried it. We are having fun together and that's why I love what I am doing. I never thought of myself as a seller, and I still don't. I look at this as an opportunity to make someone else happy and to increase my friendships and times to socialize with others. I do fundraisers for all types of groups - schools, sports teams, church groups, mission trips, etc. I believe in giving back to my community. If you have a community group and would like to do a fundraiser please contact me. I would love to talk to you or meet with you if you are interested in Scentsy Products. Please contact me anytime. I can be reached at,, or on my personal website at Or, if you prefer to talk give me a call at 270-985-0300. Thanks! I look forward to working with you.


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