Wraps By Linda

Wraps By Linda

Wraps By Linda

Hello! I'm Linda Woods and I am very excited to be selling It Works! products. The body wraps are amazing! Tighten, Tone and Firm in just 45 minutes for only $25. Also, host a party with 5 or more peo

It Works!Hello! I'm Linda Woods and I am very excited to be selling It Works! products. The body wraps are amazing! Tighten, Tone and Firm in just 45 minutes for only $25. Also, host a party with 5 or more people and receive 1 FREE wrap.The wraps are made by a company called IT WORKS...not a scam...totally LOVE my results from one wrap and immediately wanted to sell the It Works products. The way my stomach looked after my first wrap was INSANE compared to before...I GOT THE BEST RESULTS AND YOU CAN TOO! The wraps are only $25 a piece if I wrap you OR you can buy off my site at www.wrapsbylinda.netPlease contact me to set up an individual appointment, book a wrap party, or ask any questions you have! 4 body wraps is a full treatment, which is why on the site, you can only buy a box of 4 wraps called THE ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR. We do not sell single wraps unless you live near one of my distributors and they can wrap you for $25. 98% of people see results with their first wrap, but some need 2-4 wraps before they see results, which can be due to toxicity, smoking, alcohol, or any build-up of toxins in the body. Not drinking enough water in 72 hours also is a reason some don’t see results. We encourage you to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day for 72 hours and to also refrain from alcohol and carbonated beverages for 3 days. Results from the wraps last up to 6 months and on average 3-6 months. It depends on your lifestyle. If you continue to put new toxins back into your body repeatedly, your results will fade sooner! The wrap is used once then thrown away. You wear a minimum of 45 minutes and max of 6-8 hours. In 45 minutes, 80% of the solution has already gone through your pores, so it is okay to take off after this time! :) You can only wrap one area of your body (1 wrap) every 72 hours…if you do arms or legs we cut the wrap in half and place on problem area! There are two prices on my site: a retail price and a loyal customer price. If you just wanted to pay retail, a box of 4 wraps is $99. This is pretty expensive in my opinion. That is why we have the loyal customer program. As a loyal customer, you get a box of 4 wraps (THE ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR) for only $59. Loyal customers on my site save 45-50% on products. Signing up to get the loyal customer prices is EASY!!!! Pretty much all you have to do is just agree to 2 more months of buying 1 item after your 1st purchase...and it can be any item at ANY price. For example, if u bought a box of wraps today, you'd agree that on your next 2 months you'd also have something shipped the same day of the month you bought your first item...it will automatically be the item you originally bought OR it can be ANY item at ANY price from the site if you go in and change/edit your autoship (most people like doing this to try out different items). It just has to be ONE item sent each of those 2 extra months then after your 3rd month you can be DONE getting autoshipments. We can turn off your autoship OR you can keep the autoship turned on every month--it's up to you...most people love the products and continue because if you keep it on, you get perks points and extra cash back but even if you turn it off your 3rd month you will forever have an account with us and get the loyal customer pricesâ€â€FOR LIFE!!! The program is awesome...and don't forget that your auto-ship item can be different every month...Here is what you do…just go to my site: www.wrapsbylinda.net Click on shop. Put whatever you want in the shopping cart, click it, go to proceed to checkout...then the next page has a green button that says "become a loyal customer"...click that and it guides you through the steps to be a loyal!!! Even though you are buying for 3 months straight from us (different items if you want) you still are saving up to 45-50%...the retail prices are much higher!!!! But even so...some people pay retail just to try it first and then turn around and sign up to be a loyal customer later! Let me know if you have any questions!A direct sales company that markets beauty, wellness and weight loss products. It Works! Global has thousands of independent, direct-selling distributors in the U.S., the EU and Australia.

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