With this Email Address level, you receive an Email Address that is specific to a FirstName + LastName combination of your choice... It can also be acombination of keywords and terms as long as they are combined and/or separated by either a dash, period or other allowable character or symbol.

$19.99 / Month
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All Custom Emails are provided at the review and discression of the Administrators of this website and service.

All attempts will be made to honor reserved and purchased email addresses. In the condition of a conflict due to duplicate email or unavailability, you will be contacted to consider alternate choices including the addition of prefix or suffix elements added to the address.

All Custom Email addresse requests will be reviewed by the Administrators. Any words, terms or elements deemed to be overly rude or offensive may be requested to be revised.

The Administrators reserve the right to discontinue an account that is determined to be abusing the email address through spamming, bullying, libel and any activity deemed to be unsutable. Any refund of unused time will be at the discression of the Administrators.

This is a subscription for an Annual License for this product level. Your subscription will renew on the anniversary of purchase unless you cancel the subscription or pause/cancel renewal. You may cancel at any time. Unused time may not be refunded, however, in some subscritpions you may "pause" a subscription, placing it on hold for activation at a later date to continue using the unused days remaining.

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